Monday, November 30, 2009

my very first

Today is my very 1st day of winter class.
Nothing interesting happen. Everything is going smoothly..alhamdulillah.

Today also is my very 1st day of SNOW!!
There you go. Finally, you are falling and hitting on me like crazy.
I smile alone and let you melt on my red sweater.
This is the very 1st moment we meet and greeting each other.
I'll remember this moment forever.
Won't you?

the view from my room's window

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just like the tittle for this post, I want to write about random things that cross my mind. Im just finished my fall break and one sentence to be said: I didn't feel the heartbeat of holidays. How times fly, seriously! Maybe I'm too busy doing too many things. Lets take a look :

-- > watching korean drama, You're Beautiful, with my houssie
--> packing and loading things to my new apartment..phew..this part was really..TOUGH!
--> shopping for pun penat jugak. It was like starting a new life again..what the hey.
--> went to Niagara Falls with my buddies for 3 days. Sampai jugak akhirnya. How I wish....ok xde pe.lalala~
--> ape lg ek..ha. Shopping foods supplies. And for Black Friday too. There's nothing much I bought.
--> doing apartment inspection myself..aha. Sampai terkena shock. Feels like im recharging my energy. hoho
--> went to Eid Adha open house at rustic village.
--> watching movie, Ninja Assassin. Omg, i fell in love with those martial art movements with knives and swords and ninja knives and whatsoever. But..but it has a lot of brutal-bloody-violence fighting scene where you can see blood is spilled everywhere. The graphical technique of the bloody scene is owesome. WARNING : NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN under..20.

nak try pakai cmni pegi kelas ley x??

Tomorrow, I'll start my 1st day of winter class. tsk tsk.. Ive always hate the 1st day of school since I was in kindergarten. It was like a curse for me. Herm..what to do~..Whatever it is, we have to face the 1st day before reach the second day. And..everything happen for a reason no matter what. Just like Raizo in Ninja Assassin, he has no choice but to become an assassin because he was raised that way. At the end, he is able to survive and escape from the heartless-merciless world of assassin. God has a perfect plan for you, all you have to do is just do your best and you won't regret it.

Got to sleep now. Take care~

p/s: nk mimpi Raizo la..haha.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

if only part II

If only we are made from metal and our heart from iron,

we'll be less fragile...

Monday, November 9, 2009


Twinkle, twinkle little star

how I wonder what you are

up above the sky so high

like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star

how I wonder what you are...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rochester dekat tak dengan Manchester?

Salam semua..

Lama betul aku tak update belog ini ye.
Maklum la kat rumah aku belum ada internet wth.
Lepas tu terpaksa la merempat kat mana2 yang ada wifi..
Aduh..indah sungguh hidup ini..lalala
Ok cukup.
Sebenarnya aku nak cerita pasal entry utk post ni.
(anep, jgn marah aku)
Semalam ada makhluk ni buzz ym aku,
lepas tu dia tanya,
"Rochester ni dekat tak ngan Manchester?"
aku pun jwb,"A,ah..dekat je. Mereka ni berjiran tahu?"
Dia jawab, "Oh ye ke?? Selalu tak pergi stadium tengok Man U lawan bola?"
Aku jwb balik, "Ho..of coz~"
(anep, jgn marah aku lagi)

Meh sini chek nak gebang. Rochester ni dia duduk kat sini..

pic : idcide
Siap ngan peta lagi

Rochester ni bandar ke-3 terbesar kat New York,USA.
Dikelilingi oleh bandar2 spt Buffalo, Syracuse, Pittsburgh dan banyak lagi.
Nampak tak dalam peta tu ada Niagara Falls?
Haa..kalau dari Rochester, naik kereta 2 jam je dah sampai.
Tapi aku belum lagi sampai sana. Sebab ape? Sebab tak de kereta.
Nanti lah suatu hari nanti,
kalau pergi sana, aku wat post pasal Niagara Falls ye.

Lepas tu kat Rochester ni ada RIT. RIT ni best sebab tu universiti aku.
Nama panggilan dia "the Brick City" sebab kebanyakan
bangunan ni dibuat daripada batu bata.

pic from :
Nampak aku tak kat tepi bangunan tu?

Selain ada uni aku, dia juga ada tempat2 menarik.
Macam Letchworth Park yang aku pergi hari tu.
Sebab apa aku dapat pergi? Sebab aku join
trip untuk international student.
Nikmati gambar2 ini ye kawan2..

Lower fall


Ambik2..buat wallpaper desktop

Nampak tak pelangi dua lapis?


Ok. Itu semua pasal Rochester. Sekarang chek nak
gebang pasal Manchester pulak.
Manchester ni dia dekat England.
(anep, pay attention)
Dulu aku teringin sangat
nak pergi Manchester. Sekarang pun teringin lagi.
Sebab ape? Sebab ada ni..

Stadium Theatre of Dreams


p/s : Sometimes we don't have to have any reasons to love something...