Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is strictly personal...

How To Maintain A Friendship

Do you still remember when and how you met your best friend? Did your first encounter with him or her prove to be interesting or extraordinary?

We all need friends; whether they be real-life or virtual, whether they be good-hearted or stuck-up. Aside from family, friends are the next most important thing in social life. Therefore, we need to understand the significance of maintaining and strengthening the bonds that connect us to our friends. Friendship works like the muscles in our body; the more you exercise them, the stronger they grow. On the other hand, if you let your muscles go flabby, they won't be strong anymore.

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a good friendship. Friendship is similiar to a relationship in most ways. We need to give and take accordingly so that the other person won't feel begrudged. We should not pour out all our needs and wants to a friend without paying attention to theirs. We must also know when to express our concern in times of need; when a friend has some problems we should try and help, not just carry on grumbling about our own personal minor woes. Friends need to encourage each other and assist one another when the situation arises, not act like a fair-weathered friend who only hangs out with you when you are not in a dilemma.

Most importantly, good friends should know how to respect each other's privacy. When a friend tells us something deemed confidential, it does not mean that we should gossip about it behind people's back also. Use your brain before talking to someone else; the words may just slip out of your mouth before you know it! Similarly, don't tell your friend EVERYTHING and ANYTHING unless you are sure of his or her intellectual personality

. You'll never know how much a close friend may hurt you (emotionally or mentally) by saying or doing things behind your back.

In conclusion, having one good friend is still better than a hundred friends who only care about how you look and how deep your pockets are.

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p/s : If there's anything dat u're not satisfied with ur friend, tell him or her straight forward, in a nice way. Don't just expect dat they know it themselves coz they also a human being. Remember that human being r not perfect. A good friend is all we need. Lets help each other n love your friend..*i love all my frens..yeah!*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

miss this moment..badly :'(..

Hmm..lately, i keep missing those beautiful moments that i've gone through in my life. I miss them badly!!! I dunno why i hav the guts to open one of the picture folders in my latop and post those pictures here. It was the double trip to Cameron Higlands n Pangkor Island we went last year. Take a look at d above was soooooooo baeutiful scenery at ladang teh Brinchang...

Wow..those strawberry look delicious..aum! I dun remember where i've snapped dis picture but they are just soooooooo cute hanging like dat!

Aha..dis one make me like crazy! i just cudn't stop myself from touching them, smell them..n kissing them bcuz they were so desireable! ahakss*waaaaa..those roses are so so so so so....beautiful!!!*

Iyea..dats me wit 'Miss Beautiful Adorable Hot Red Flower' at one of the flowers farm at Cameron Highlands..*Pizz babe!*

Take a look at this pic..dat was not a swimming pool (of coz), dat was not a fish pond was the crytsal clear water of Pangkor Island!! *wink2*..You can see those gorgeous fishes 'melantak' the tiny pieces of bread on the water surface. I cud touch them with my hand and it was owesome!*wahh..*

Oh my God, just take a look at the scenery behind me n my was sooo beautiful! I feel like wana stay there forever..*watch out with those gigantic rocks behind us..there was many 'teritip' under them. I got a deep cut on my tapak kaki whenever i tried to climb on one of the rocks there..huhu*
And.....yeahhh. We are the survivor of Pangkor Island after the immunity challenge...hahaha=p.
I miss dis moment terribly..*uwaa..*

Yea..i hope dat i still have a chance to go there again. Watching the sun set on the horizon, touching the crystal clear water, enjoy your cheeks being touched by the fresh breezy air of Pangkor, feel the white soft sand with your bare foot...*ahh..cukup2..xthn!!* dat just.. fantastic!

p/s : Nikmati la hidup ini selagi diberi kesempatan..(^^,)