Wednesday, December 22, 2010

when the time has come.

"Imam Sayuti menjelaskan dalam kitab Syarhi `s-Sudur, bahawa ketika ditanyakan kepada Musa tentang bagaimana ia berhadapan dengan kematian, Musa berkata: Mati itu bagaikan tusukan yang dimasukkan ke dalam perut yang memiliki banyak cabang, setiap cabang berhubung dengan urat-uratku. Kemudian ia dicabut dari perutku dengan kuat"

Have you ever thought about death? or losing someone you love? Or seeing someone dying in front of your eyes? answer is 'yes' for every questions above. One important question to think about: Are you ready for it? Are we ready for it?

"Indera manusia pada detik-detik akhir kematiannya yang terakhir sekali berfungsi ialah indera pendengaran. Apabila roh telah berpisah meninggalkan jantung, maka indera penglihatan menjadi tidak berfungsi lagi, sementara itu pendengaran akan tetap berfungsi, sehinggalah nafas meninggalkan jasad"

I always ask to myself, how is the feeling of dying? what do we feel when our souls are separated from our bodies? There were many times I felt like I was dying when my sight suddenly turned dark, I couldn't see anything, my chest felt really tight and I couldn't breath properly. All I could hear was that the sound of my friend's voice asking me, "are you okay?"...

Firman-Nya :

قُلْ إِنَّ صَلاَتِي وَنُسُكِي وَمَحْيَايَ وَمَمَاتِي لِلّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

Yang Bermaksud : “Katakanlah: Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidup dan matiku hanyalah untuk Allah, Tuhan semesta alam.” (Al-An’am : 162)

p/s:Ya Allah, aku tak layak masuk syurga-Mu tetapi aku tidak mampu menghadapi api neraka-Mu ya Allah..peliharalah aku dalam imanmu ya Allah..


Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

One sentence

Ok. Just one sentence.

I hate antibiotics and all pills, medicine and all related with them to the MAX.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mesti kuat.:)

Andai sakit ini penghapus dosa, aku redha pada-Mu ya Allah
aku bersyukur kerana aku yang terpilih untuk menerima ini
bukannya orang-orang yang aku kasihi
cuma yang aku pinta
kuatkan lah aku ya Allah
demi menempuhi segala exam-test-ujian final ini

kuatkan aku ya Allah

berikan ku kekuatan..

p/s: exam dalam kesakitan..ouch

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life is reality

Life gives you many choices,
you choose and make an effort for what you want it to be,
but He the one who decides what is the best for you..

Take care everyone:)

Letchworth State Park, NY

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's on your mind?


Excuse me...
Yes, and you
the one who's busy updating status and stalking people on facebook
the one who's busy chatting with your friends...
the one who's busy playing xbox games and so on..

What's on your minds my dear friends?

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya :
Bahawa malaikat maut memerhati wajah manusia di muka bumi ini 70 kali dalam sehari. Ketika Izrail datang merenung wajah seseorang, didapati orang itu ada yang gelak-ketawa. Maka berkata Izrail, "Alangkah hairannya aku melihat orang ini, sedangkan aku diutus oleh Allah Taala untuk mencabut nyawanya, tetapi dia masih berseronok-seronok dan bergelak ketawa"...
Have you ever think about it?

p/s: Rasulullah s.a.w berpesan, "Sebijak-bijak manusia adalah orang yang mengingati mati". Adakah sudah cukup amalan untuk kita bawa di akhirat kelak? Renung-renungkan..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A story of a man

Picture from

First, i was dying to finish my high school and start college
Then, i was dying to finish college and start working
After that, i was dying to marry and have children
and then, i was dying for my children to grow old enough
so that i could go back to work
but then, i was dying to retire
and now i am dying and i suddenly realized that
i forgot to live

Please don't let this happen to you
Appreciate your current situation and enjoy each day
dear old friend..

"To make money we lose our health and then to restore our health we lose our money. We live as if we are never going to die, and we die as if we never lived"

Friday, October 15, 2010


I don't know how to say this. It is like..carrying tonnes of load on my shoulders. I can't tolerate it no more when i keep seeing something that is forbidden in Islam happened in front of my eyes. Yes, Islam. I know i am not the right person to talk about this but i still know what is wrong and what is right, what is HALAL and what is HARAM. We all went to school right? and i am sure you guys had learnt 'pendidikan Islam'. But...what happened now? I feel like the anger runs through all veins in my body and i feel like crying. I can't breath properly. How could you guys do that? Don't you guys afraid of Allah? Don't you guys thinking about your parents especially your mum? Are you sure that you will still breathing for another one day? or even for the next one minute...............?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Be strong no matter what..

Just like the sunrise
that bring new hopes in everydays life..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

permata itu

Mengapa dicari secantik Balqis
andai diri tidak sehebat Sulaiman
Mengapa mengharap teman setampan Yusof
jika kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha
Mengapa mengharap teman seteguh Ibrahim
andai diri tidak sehebat Siti Hajar
Mengapa didambakan teman sehidup yang sempurna Muhammad
jika ada keburukan pada diri
Bimbinglah dirinya dan terimalah kekurangan itu sebagai keunikan
Carilah kebaikan itu pada dirinya
Bersyukurlah kerana dipertemukan dengannya
dan berdoalah dia milikmu..

from: Anonymos, Jan 2008

pinkribena: selamat berpuasa kepada seluruh umat Islam.=)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

oh. saya lupa.

orang lari.
orang buat tak endah.
orang menjauhkan diri.
orang tak nak layan.
orang tak nak kongsi gelas minum.
orang lari lagi....=(


oh saya lupa!!
yang saya ada virus. hihi.
memang patut orang buat macam itu.
maafkan saya.


pinkribena said: Ini virus demam. Bukan virus malware, worm ataupun cookies. Ok, tak lawak. sekian~

Monday, August 2, 2010

stop pretending so blind

Look around yourselves
can’t you see this wonder
Spreaded in front of you
The clouds floating by
the skies are clear and blue
planets in the orbits, the moon and the sun
such perfect harmony..

Let’s start question in ourselves
Isn’t this proof enough for us?
or are we so blind?
To push it all aside..

We just have to
open our eyes, our hearts, and minds..
If we just look bright to see the signs
we can’t keep hiding from the truth
let it take us by surprise
take us in the best way
guide us every single day
keep us close to You
until the end of time..

Look inside yourselves
such a perfect order
hiding in yourselves
running in your veins
What about anger, love and pain?
and all the things you’re feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So, are they really there?

When a baby’s born
so helpless and weak..
And you’re watching him growing
So, why deny?
What's in front of your eyes?
The biggest miracle of life..

Allah, You created everything
we belong to You
Ya Rabb, we raise our hands
forever we thank You


pinkribena said: Such a beautiful lyric..=) Let's collect 'rewards' to bring them in the akhirat. Who can guarantee that he/she will live for a next second? Life is short and use this only chance to gain the rewards from Him. Insyaallah..=)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today is the last day of July.

What do you feel when you see this picture?

pinkribena said: Can't wait for Ramadhan..=)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm tired

and this is the picture of my brother

Guess which one he is? kekeke

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Guess what?
There was an earthquake here
it was from Ontario, Canada..
Scary huh?
yes, I AM.still
It was the mild one, 5.0 magnitude
I was in front of my laptop searching for something
then suddenly everything was ssssshaking
I got out of my room and realized that I was alone there
it was going to be really bad if anything happened
because there's an apartment above mine
oh my..
It just happened for a few second
everything had appeared in my head at that time
what should I do?
what should I bring with me?
what if...

yeah, don't worry
everything is allright

lesson of the day : sorry for everything prepared. expect the unexpected..ngiiii

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the most beautiful thing

Seeing a man holding a baby..
and the baby is sleeping on his shoulder
the most beautiful thing in the world...=)

credit to

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

once upon a time..

Once upon a time...
there was a little girl
She went to school everyday
One day, her teacher asked her
"what is your ambition?"
then the girl replied
"I want to be a housewife."
The whole class laughed at her

4 years later..
In her high school, she had been asked
by her teacher the same question.
Then the girl replied
"I want to be a biotechnologist"
The teacher complimented her
but deep in her heart
she still wanted to be a housewife.

5 years later..
The little girl had transformed to a lady
She was in her college struggling for a degree
Yet she was worried how was her future would be
After she discovered the truth of the world revolved around her
She realized that it was not always be nice
It could be so mean sometimes..
and she wondered how was the next generation would be
Could they survive
without full guidance, attention and love from parents?

and till now she still wonder
why can't she be a housewife?

Saturday, May 1, 2010


It is still going on
like nobody really cares..

although it hurts inside
and nobody really cares
just bare with it..
all you have to do is

-just smile-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

just mumbling.

I collect those pieces and put them back together.
Hoping that they will be together eternally.
Ya rabbal alamin.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

dream on..

I want...
to take a walk on a beach in a dawn,
stepping slowly on white sand...
and waiting for the sunrise to show me its
greatest shine on the horizon...
I let the breeze of the sea kiss my cheeks,
and let the sound of waves singing on my ears...
how nice..

I want...
to lay down on the ground at night,
and let my body showered by the shine of
glittering stars and moon...
watching the clouds passing by the moon
and counting the stars for the whole night long...
how nice..

I want...
to wake up in the morning by the
sound of water flowing down on rocks,
the fragrance of forest is all around me...
and listening to the sound of mummy birds
feeding their baby birds..
very nice..

p/s: it would be nice if someone is with me..lets dream.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


when people throw tonnes of sh*t at you,
don't throw them back
or you just like one of them..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

from a piece of heart.

Life is short..

Do whatever you have to do

Be prepared..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

adorable stars.

There are plenty of stars in the sky
all of them are shining brightly and happily
so adorable...
but they are veeeeerry far from me
I try to reach them but I can't
but..who care's?

I never give up on trying
because I know
I will get those stars one day
no matter how hard I fall
no matter how hurt I am
no matter how high I've to jump
they'll be mine...

but..there is one shiny2 tiny star
It came to me last night gracefully
It said that it was sent by someone
to be by my side
to make me smile all the time..

there's no words can't describe
how happy I am..really.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

don't planning anything.

or you'll get hurt.

just going into the direction.

mybe it hurts less.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'm happy for them

I'm really2 excited
after knowing that my senior, Kak Diyana has pregnant for 2 months!
It was really sweet to know that..=D
Baby, cepat2 la kuar nanti boley main2 ngn kak bina okey~~
Congrats to mama-papa-to-be
Kak Diyana n Abg Umar! friend at my age are getting married!!*jump jump*
I'm just really happy after she invites me to her engagement ceremony
this August.
Sorry, I can't go. But for sure I'll post something for you.
Nice nice nice nice one..!!

p/s: Ko pehal excited sgt tlompat2..bukan ko nk dpt baby or nk kawen ke..ngahaha. sengal..=D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I want it to be that way.

There's no reason why can't I get cgpa 4.0 this quarter


Sunday, January 31, 2010

its nothing.

인생에 대한 결정을
좋은 소식이나 나쁜, 당신은 .. 결정

난 항상 불확실성의 두려움
여부를 I 또는 곧 결과에 대한 준비를하지 않습니다

난 항상 울고 나도 알아
난 울지도 이젠 지겨워
하지만 난 나중에 알고 우는 것입니다

왜 내 마음이 너무 예민하게 무엇입니까?
왜냐하면 난 항상 상처 난 그게 싫어.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


sakit sungguh..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


sometimes when you're kind,
do people care?

sometimes when you're in trouble,
do people give their hand to help?

sometimes when you're helping others,
do they appreciate it?

sometimes when you're hurt,
do they mind that?

Apa2 pun,
ingat pesan mama,

" apa yang penting dalam hidup ini... IKHLAS, JUJUR dan SABAR.."


It always in my mind..don't worry mama~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank you.

I dedicate this song to all people that
have made my life full of colors in 2009.

From deep inside my heart
I want to say
thank you..

I know i'm not good enough to be your friend
thank you for the precious time we all went through together
: Pae, Mimi, Fadh, Gee, Fatim, Pika, Pobin,
Sumi, Irfan, Meor..and more

I know i'm not good enough to be your student
thank you for teaching me everything
bcuz of you, i'm here..
: Cikgu2 tadika, cikgu2 SkSi 3, Cikgu2 SmSi,
Cikgu2 SMKDaM, INTEC's lecturers

I know i'm not good enough to be your sister
thank you for your love
thank you for your laugh
thank you for your support
: Nana, Ami, Nini, Alia...

I know i'm not good enough to be your daughter
thank you for raise me up with all your love
thank you for your delicious meals
thank you for stay up late when I was sick
thank you bcuz sent and picked me up after school
thank you, bcuz of you I could see this world
: Mama, abah...

Last but not least

I know i'm not good enough for you
thank you for your time
thank you for your support
thank you for your love
thank you for everything..
: you